Friday, November 27, 2015

21 Day Healthy Holiday Habits Calendar, 21 Day Fix Challenge

Monday is the day! Healthy Holiday Habits Challenge is about to start and I am ecstatic! We have a fabulous group and I'm so excited to see these changes take place. There really is magic created when you have a plan, a dedicated group, and a goal. If you want to follow along with us that would be great! If you want more info on this program and my fitness groups message me at 

The 21 Day Fix meal plan is so easy! I actually keep my menus on my fridge all year long and I cycle through my 4 weeks of eating plans and switch up the meals when I want something different to eat. It is so much easier than having to come up with new ideas for me and my kids whenever we are hungry.
What do my kids eat when I am doing 21 Day Fix? They eat the same things that I do! They eat oats and sweet potatoes for breakfast, except for the picky kids that don't like sweet potatoes, they will have oatmeal and their choice of fruit. I work with them and I let them add extras onto their meals. when we do taco salad they are able to add chips, extra cheese, and even a little ranch dressing. I stick to my simple taco salad with ground beef, beans, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, a little cheese, and salsa for dressing.

Good luck with your own 21 Day Fix adventure! Don't focus on what you can't have, focus on the good things that you are letting yourself have!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

21 Day Fix Menu Planner

Planning is everything if you want to succeed in the 21 Day Fix, or 21 Day Fix Extreme program. Set aside some time each weekend to fill out your 21 Day Fix menu for the week. Choose your favorite foods from Autumn's Eating Plan and fill in your meals, making sure you are hitting the correct number of containers for your calorie range. Write down how many containers per day you get at the bottom of your calendar so you don't forget. 
Once your menu is planned you still have the freedom to change your mind and choose different foods whenever you want. Do you want to trade your morning yellow container of sweet potatoes for a couple of corn tortillas? Go for it! Just stick to the foods on the list and stay on track. 

I have noticed that I actually eat MORE when I am on this plan and never really feel hungry. It does take a couple of days to get used to the new portion sizes, especially if you are used to eating much more. 

Please feel free to use and share this menu planner, just leave my website on there. Thanks! 

Now go do your planning! 

Seriously, go!  Don't wait around. 

You'll be glad you did! 

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Just do it! 

And if you join any of my 21 Day Fix Challenge groups I also give you printable copies of all of my favorite 21 Day Fix tools. Like the Tally Sheets, Menus, (even a 4th week menu for anyone who wants to keep going), and more!